Converts a COPASI file to SED-ML L1V1

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Copasi2SedML contains a library and tools that allow to convert a COPASI file containing a time course task to SED-ML L1V1.

This work is based on the COPASI C# bindings and libSedML.


To use the library, simply add a reference to LibCopasi2SedML.dll to your project, and ensure that the remaining files in the package are next to the binaries (remembering to include the native counter part to the COPASI C# bindings in your PATH|LD_LIBRARY_PATH|DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. From there things could not be simpler as you can see in the code to the command line converter:

var converter = new Copasi2SedMLConverter(inputFile);

Command Line converter

The command line converter expects two arguments, the COPASI input file, and the SED-ML output filename. If the output filename ends in .sedx (the format for the SED-ML archive) the archive will be produced, i.e: the model will be included together with the description.

CopasiSedMLExport.exe -f inputFile -o outputFile


Copyright (c) 2012 Frank T. Bergmann. All rights reserved.

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